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Getting to Know What Homeopathy Is

Homeopathy is an alternative medication that uses the holistic approach. And what that term means is that the healers perceive health as a condition where all internal and external factors are in balance. The internal factors are the condition of the organs, the flexibility of blood vessels, and the air circulation within the body. The external factors are the chemicals from food, air, and water. Homeopathy practitioners believe that the farther we move away from nature, we are becoming more vulnerable to diseases.

Homeopathy uses natural medicines, such as pills and mixtures extracted from onion, poison ivy, mushroom, aloe vera, coconut oil, and honey. This approach maintains that by giving the body the right nutrients, the immune system can overcome the disease.

Homeopathy dates back to 300 years ago. And its practice has been regulated by the FDA since 1980, which makes it safe. Many patients who receive homeopathy treatments claim that the medication works for them. It manages to suppress seasonal allergies, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and arthritis.

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Different Person, Different Types of Meds

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Some of the homeopathy practitioners stick to the tradition. They use the traditional mortar and pestle to grind the herbs. They believe that by doing so, they can control the dose of the mixture accurately.

Each person receives different dosage. Their lifestyle, weight, age, and sex are the common factors of consideration.

Homeopathy healers are also known to diagnose their patients by incorporating other alternative healing methods such as acupuncture, acupressure, and chiropractics. If some parts of the hands or feet feel pain when massaged, it can be a sign of abnormal blood circulation. And by following where that blood vessel ends up, a homeopathy practitioner can predict which organ is unhealthy.

Mind and Body Relationship

Besides oral medicines and massage therapy, homeopathy also administers breathing exercise to their patients. Breathing balances the chemicals in the body and can be relaxing.

The holistic approach to health promotes the importance of mind and body relationship. The body cannot be healthy unless the mind says so. But it does not mean that a person can regain his/her health only by thinking. Meditation should be practiced routinely.

Such mindset explains how homeopathy practitioners treat digestive issues and headache with aromatherapy or ayurvedic tea. They remove the tense in mind and calm emotion, which in turn will lower the level of stomach acid. The same principle is used when homeopathy practice treats sleep deprivation.

The Dose of Homeopathy Chemicals

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Homeopathy gives the patients drugs and compounds. But instead of being artificially made in the lab, homeopathy drugs are extracted from organic sources. For example, to treat the wounds of diabetic people, they promote the use of sea cucumber for the animal contains a high level of collagen. Homeopathy makes supplements that are directly come from the animal.

FDA approves most of the homeopathy products and makes them available to the public without strict regulation because they contain a small dosage of harmful substances. But it can also mean that those products are less effective than the mainstream drugs in treating severe diseases.

However, there are homeopathy practitioners who use venoms and toxic compounds to treat their patients. Recently, there was even a victim died from a bee-sting treatment. The healer failed to recognize that the patient was allergic to the bee’s venom. In such case, you must be wise in accepting the treatment. It will be best if you consult a regular doctor if you want to undergo an extreme alternative medication.

Homeopathy Research and Development

pills and herbsHomeopathy communities do have labs. But instead of applying the methods of the Big Pharma, homeopathy uses the more natural and safer one.

They always claim that their products serve as some sorts of Panacea that can heal many diseases at once without causing any side effects.

You need to know that healthy business brings a lot of profits. And when it comes to your health, you must make sure that you are not a victim of a scam.

Consult your alternative medical treatment with a real doctor and learn if it is safe or not.…